Jagz Wins Stars $77 6-Max For $4,200 30/05/08

Like with many late night poker stars tournaments there is an unhealthy amount of gambling early on as people look to double up or go to sleep, this was evident as a double up in the first few hands with kings against the monster that is q7. The tournament ran smoothly until the bubble where playing my usual loose aggressive game i started to bleed chips. I manged to drop to last place from being one of the chip leaders. I am far from being good at playing the short stack but in this tournament i uncharacteristicly showed great determination and patience, as i twice managed to dodge bullets as i folded kq and aj pre flop. My patience was soon rewarded as i went on a mini card rush, 10 10 > a 7, kk > qq and then i won a huge flip was i 3bet 66 all in and sent ak packing. As the blinds increased and the final table approached, i stepped up the pressure and applied maximum pressure to those hoping to fold their way to the final 6. At the final table bubble i amassed a huge stack before it was cruely burst as kk lost to an ace on the river. The final table started badly as i tripple bluff barelled with 45 against a tamely played pair of aces, soon after however i stuck gold as i flatted pre in the big blind with 42 and flopped the nuts on a A35 board, luckily for me the chip leader couldnt fold a8 and i retook the chip lead. From here on out it was plain sailing as my hu’s opponent was the tighest player i had ever seen. In the 45 minutes of heads up play he raised his button twice with one time folding to my raise. With the blinds very high i took a comfortable 4 to 1 chip lead and ended it when i hit a flush on the turn against a pair and straight draw

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