Chris Takes 2nd In $13.5k GTD Knock-Out on Full Tilt.

After a successful Saturday morning and afternoon playing cash games I decided to take a break and play a variety of SNG’s and MTT’s. One of the tournaments I decided to play was the $13.5k GTD Knock-Out on Full Tilt. The entry is $24+2 but I had a $26 token in my account so I was actually freerolling. Here’s what happened.

The tournament started poorly when I called off close to half my stack with top pair and folded the river. UTG raised, SB called and I called in the BB with AJo. The flop came A72r and I check/called a c-bet from UTG. I called another bet on 8s turn and folded to the all-in on the 4h river. To be honest I played this poorly and should have folded pre-flop, failing that I think the turn is an easy fold.

I managed to recover the chips at the next level thanks to a BB special. A couple of players limped from MP and I decided to be deceptive and just check my option with a premium 8c3c. The board came K66r (one club) and it got checked around. The turn was Jc and I bet 100 and one of the limpers min-raised. I called and on the 2c river shoved and got paid off by KdTd. Less than an orbit later I picked up another 1000 chips. I raised from MP with KJo and got called by the button and SB. On a board of J72(r)85 I got two streets of value out of the button who strangely folded to a half-pot all-in on the river.

Nothing happened for a couple of orbits and then a 9BB stack at 50/100 shoved from MP, I called with KK (stack ~2600) and got overcalled by the BB (6200 stack). On a QQ4r board the overcaller donk bet into me, I put the rest in and the cards were on their backs. The BB overcaller had 77 and the original raiser had A9 so I was in great shape. That is until the ace came on the river and shortie tripled through, and although I missed out on his bounty I still managed to add to my stack due to BB’s lol bad play.

No good situations came up for me and at the 100/200 level my stack was back down to 2.8k when I picked up QQ UTG. I decided to raise to 500 and got one call from MP. For once the flop wasn’t a rainbow, instead it was K6s3s. First to act I decided to check and call the MP’s all-in and his 55 failed to improve. Villain’s play seems to be standard with a medium pair in this tournament and it must have happened at least half a dozen times through the evening.

An hour passed without incident, my stack gradually being whittled away by the blinds and antes and just not being able to do anything. I managed to open shove AJo with 8BB from the hi-jack and got no callers, then a couple of minutes later I reshipped over a MP raise with AKo and held versus his AQo to put me up to an 18BB stack.

Before I could make use of my new stack it was all on the line again. Even though it’s 100% standard I felt at the time it was going to be the crucial point and I think it proved to be. At 300/600 9BB MP raised, I shoved from MP with QQ and got overcalled by the SB. In a higher buy-in tournament this isn’t necessarily a disaster but in a $24 I think you’re dead a lot of the time. This proved to be the case when the SB showed AA, the original raiser showed 44 and I was in bad shape. However a board of QJ878 gave me two bounties and a nice chip boost. Easy game.

With my new stack I made a decent call down in a BvB situation. Still at 300/600 I opened for 1.8k (22k stack) and got called by BB (19k stack). On another rainbow (no hearts) TT3 it got checked through. On the 9h I check/called a ½ pot bet and then check/called another ½ pot bet on the Th river and was good versus KQ. I think my play is fine because I don’t expect a random tournament player to bet the river with a pair and players do spaz out a lot on double-paired boards. FWIW his river bet is horrible as King-high has showdown value and isn’t going to be able to fold out better.

I continued to add to my chips with various strong hands. AK, AJ, TT, AA and JJ within a couple of orbits. I then got QQ, AK and then AK again. If you’re thinking to yourself “why doesn’t this happen to me” then I have to say I didn’t get much action with them so it wasn’t that amazing. Unlike later…

With about 150 of the 950 entrants left (90 paid) I went on a sick surge. In the space of six hands my stack size did a “Michael Martin” and went from 62k (12BB) to 300k (60BB). Firstly I called a button all-in from the SB and 66 > AJ. Two hands later I raised from CO and a shortie moved in, my KQo > 97o. Next hand I raise/call AKo and beat A8o. Very next hand I raise JJ, get called by the BB and on a T32r snap call his open shove and I hold versus 55. Straight afterwards I get all-in with another shortie and QQ > A2s. There’s no doubt I had a lot of luck in that orbit and the the table started commenting on how many hands I was getting and seemed rather scared of me.

Up to this point I had played a very solid game and been very patient despite being a bit short at some points. However a tournament wouldn’t be complete without a spew and after having that massive chip surge I managed to donk a 1/3rd of it away in one hand! A nit opened from EP with 16BB and I decided it was a good time to reshove ATo. I lost versus QQ and Bas ran up the stairs to berate me. He was of course totally right and I was annoyed with myself, when I do stuff like that I feel I don’t deserve the positive variance such as that ridiculous orbit of strong hands above.

But something I’m learning is not to let the past affect you and not to get attached to what was. Yes I made a mistake and could have still had a 300k stack but the situation was I had a 200k stack, well above average, and all I could do was concentrate on making the right decisions going forward. There’s no point dwelling or tilting over stuff that is in the past or is outside of your control.

So that’s what I did, I concentrated on what was happening in the now rather than dwelling on how much of a donk I am. And funnily enough it wasn’t long before I had all the chips back with interest thanks to KK and AA. Six-handed the SB shoved 13BB and I snap-called with the cowboys. He had been shoving the SB regularly so my calling range would have been a lot wider, in this instance he actually had 99 but it didn’t matter as my hand held.

A short while later we were down to the final table and I won a massive 505k pot with the bullets early on. Blinds were 4k/8k/1k and there was a MP raise to 20k (111k stack). In MP I decide just to flat (282k) and the button calls behind (433k). At this point I’m like “oh noes, it’s going to be multi-way and I’ve tarped myself” but thankfully the SB shoves his entire 225k stack into the middle. I obviously call and everyone else gets out the way and I hold versus TT. What made this especially sweet was villain was the guy in the AT < QQ hand so I quite literally did get my chips back.

It wasn’t until we were down to five handed that I won another big pot. Blinds 6k/12k/1.5k and a mediocre player (361k) raised to 36k second to act and I made the call in the BB with 98o. Flop Qh82h and I check/called a 36k bet. The turn was 8c and checked through and I then led for 88k on the 6s river and got called by KQ. I think it’s a pretty standard hand for all involved although perhaps I could have bet even larger on the river.

Four handed I won a couple of decent pots. I completed in the SB with 98s and on a board of A82K6 I check/called two bets and won versus Q6. Then I raised on the button with A5s and got min 3-bet so I obviously called. The board came 772 with two of my suit and I raised all-in over the top of his c-bet. I also lost a pot where I raised with AQ and got two callers and on a board of K53 my c-bet got raised and I had to give it up, but then won it back when I called a min-raise with A7s and CRAI on a 995, again with two of my suit.

We soon made it down to three handed and the first notable action was me losing a 120k pot. I opened KTo on the button and got called by the BB. On a J66r I decided to check behind because I felt a c-bet wouldn’t get much respect, there were turn cards I could barrel and king high might be good. On a Qc turn villain led and I considered raising but decided just to call as I had the OESD and maybe two overcards. On the 5d river it went check/check and villain showed 54o FTW.

I then made trips on the river after calling a pre-flop raise with 76o and getting paid off on the end by ace-high. It was nice to win the chips but what happened next was even nicer. Next hand villain who had just lost shoved over a raise with A3o and got called by Q9s. The shove with A3 seems reasonable but I have no idea what the Q9s was thinking, it was a really bizarre call especially because he seemed to be a solid player (he eventually won the tournament). Maybe seeing the hand before he thought villain was tilted but even so I think it was still an aggressive call. Still I wasn’t going to complain and after Q9 won we were down to heads-up.

Heads-up lasted 17 hands before eventually I lost A6 < A9. Villain had the better hands in our short battle but that’s the way it goes and I was happy with second. To end it I’d just like to say many thanks to Bas and RealScot (and anyone else) who railed the final table. __________________

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