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If you visit OnlinePokerSites.co.uk while it’s in its current form you might not size it up for much. The theme (or lack thereof as it is all white with just text) is enough to throw most visitors off. However when you start digging deeper you might discover they spent £1500 on their domain name alone, serious player advocates are behind it, and new content has been trickling in daily. Although we normally wouldn’t comment on a competitor’s website, after further investigating we decided this time is a worthy exception.

The narrator behind Online Poker Sites is Jim Griffin, better known in poker industry by his long time forum handle pokerprop. If you don’t know Jim, he’s as much of a player advocate as you’ll find on the affiliate side of this business. A while back he near single handily forced a poker site that had just changed ownership to make good on the old owners’ debt to poker players. He’s also reported potential risks and warnings dozens of times over the past decade, quite a few times saving poker players from loss of their deposited funds. He’s as dialled into the poker industry as anyone and always puts poker players’ best interests before his own affiliate business.

Looking further at his website, the title and description meta-tags read:

Online Poker Sites – Covering All Things Poker without Bias

Unbiased research and opinions about online poker sites, poker strategy, and industry tidings by a premier no advertisement allowed poker site.

This is what makes it newsworthy. Here’s an affiliate who has been around the industry for a decade, has protected players and is now claiming “without bias” and indicating no advertisements are allowed. EatMyStack staff drilled him a bit recently on a forum where he claimed “every word written at Online Poker Sites is entirely sincere”.

Considering his website has a lot of unique interesting content that seems near impossible to make money from, we’re pretty sure, as the website claims “this is a hobby” (or at least it is at this time).

If you’re interested in poker history, regulation, poker strategy, poker site warnings or other interesting poker related content check them out. Our personal favourite section is written by John Mehaffey (PokerAddict as he’s known on 2+2). This section “The Muck” covers poker sites that have gone out of business. It sounds like an odd topic to be all that interested in, but the historical value is superb with a lot of interesting facts build in. For example did you know the first hand of real money online poker ever dealt took place on 1 January 1998 in a $3/$6 FLHE game at planetpoker.com? Or did you know the first ever full download Mac compatible poker client was offered by Victoria Poker, or that JetSet Poker was the first to bring bounty tournaments to online poker? These are a few the facts we picked up just today reading this section of the website.

Again, rare we comment on a competitor’s site but this is the first start-up poker site in a long time we sincerely enjoyed reading; we suggest you at least take a peek.

Short URL: http://www.eatmystack.co.uk/?p=839

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