June 01, 2008
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As my attentive reader will remember. a little while back I won a seat to a live Poker Million satellite.

The satellite was yesterday, at Leyton Orient FC.

The games took place in a big room above the West Stand, overlooking the pitch which has just been re-seeded. A nice light room, set out with an array of poker tables for the occasion.

It was really quite exciting. The Baglady and I arrived quite early, just before noon. There was a table already going and a second was nearly full – I showed my free ticket and drew Seat Three.

There was just time for a bite of free breakfast – toasted sausage sandwich and a cup of tea – before Mel Lofthouse arrived to take the final seat and my game got started. Baglady wished me luck, borrowed £100 in case she felt lucky later on, and went to sit down by the newspapers and magazines.

It wasn’t long before people started to roll up to pay their £100 and take their chance. There was Barry Hearn and Steve Davis of course, this tournament being something to do with Matchroom. There was Kara Scott and the lovely Norman Pace from Sky Poker. And there was that bloke from EastEnders. And lots of people I didn’t recognise, including apparently a couple of punters who had followed Steve Davis into the building out of curiosity.

The whole thing was being compered by “Mad” Marty Wilson. He started off quiet but as the afternoon wore on and the bar started to run low on supplies he became the life and soul of the party. Possibly a connection between these two events!

I started off well in my game – I remember on level 2 raising utg with T♥9♥, catching a flop of A♣K♥J♥, bet-raise-push-call, he showed A10, turn heart, river Q♥ for a straight flush. Very nice.

Of course I gave it back again a few hands later on in a battle of the blinds, A5 vs A2 on flop A72. My bad.

But apart from that I was playing pretty well – watching, learning, waiting and stealing. This is the biggest live tournament (in terms of entry fee) I’ve ever played in, but it just felt like any other sit n go. Seat 3 is also a great seat, you can see everything that’s going on, I really felt “in the zone”.

In the meantime, Baglady had paid her £100 and started a tournament, in the same one as Kara Scott. They know one another from previous live games and it seemed like a nice chatty table.

In my own game, I was keeping it tight after the early flourishes – I didn’t want to get stealing since I was too likely to get looked up. Unfortunately I didn’t get a hand for a while. But somehow I managed to keep things going until the escalating blinds came to my rescue and let me get chips with a couple of well timed steals and re-steals from position and from the blinds. My favourite was calling the late stealer from BB with junk then check-raising him all-in on the raggy flop with just a gutshot. Always nice.

Eventually we were three-handed and pretty much even in chips. It was very cagey at this point – everyone was on around 8 big blinds so the winner of the next confrontation would go into heads-up as a 2:1 chipleader. I was lucky enough to hit a flop when the most aggressive player was coming out betting and we were heads up.

A quick loo break – during which I saw the Baglady was going well with a big pile of chips at her table – and we were back to finish it off. My opponent had been clearly the best player at the table, picking his spots and showing great judgement. He’d had the necessary bits of luck when he’d needed them and I knew he was going to be an interesting opponent.

Heads up was a cagey affair – many small pots in both directions with just the occasional flop to break the monotony. I was getting nothing much in the way of cards but it appeared he wasn’t either. Then, just after the blinds had gone up again to put the pressure on, I picked up AK in the big blind. He pushed all-in from the small, I called, he showed 88. K on the flop and it was almost over. 8 on the turn and it was all turned around – he was the one with the chiplead.

Nothing else good happened. With time running out I needed a hand and couldn’t find one. Eventually I pushed from the button with Q♣6♣, he called with A5o, nothing good happened and it was over. Bubble boy. Gutted.

I got beers for me and Baglady and sat down at the magazines table for a sulk. Good timing – the hot food was just being brought out and who can’t cheer up when there’s free food? Also it was a chance for a few words with Norman to compliment him on how well Sky Poker had come on since the early days. I had to promise to watch the new Cash programme on Tuesday, though.

By now, Mad Marty was in full flow. He was trying to get people to join in the last few satellites by running one-hand comps, £10 each, winner gets the seat. Also drumming up interest for the remaining tickets of a raffle of poker memorabilia that had been going on all day. (I bought 2 quid’s worth and won nothing, standard).

I was already starting to feel better – after all I’d had a fun afternoon’s poker and some nosebag all for free – when the Baglady got up from her table as the winner!  Fantastic, well done m’dear! Unlucky Kara who had been at the same table, but we both managed to put aside our own disappointment and feel happy for the Bag with her £1,000 ticket for the next round that started at noon today.

So, good luck to the Baglady – today’s game is a multi-table tournament with two $20,000 seats at stake. Now that would really be worth winning. Just remember who gave you the £100…

crumble on June 1st, 2008 at 4:26 pm #

It’s a shame, but poor Baglady didn’t get very deep in the £10K game.

Unlucky m’dear, there’s always next year!

RoboSquirrel on June 1st, 2008 at 5:43 pm #

ul crumble & bag. I wonder if this slip was Freudian…’There was Kara Scott and the LOVELY Norman Pace from Sky Poker.’
Each to their own ;-)