June 08, 2008
Filed Under (Tournaments) by crumble on 08-06-2008

It’s been another busy week at work for me, hence no midweek update, apologies to my faithful reader.

I don’t like to put much cash at risk when I’m tired, so the last little while I’ve been playing a lot of microlimit cash and, especially, freerolls. There’s a recently started poker site, Poker FreeRoll World, which has an excellent forum that keeps its members alerted of up and coming freerolls, including, if we are lucky, the details of some “private” ones with their passwords.

Freerolls can be quite lucrative. Look at this little table of recent wins (thinly veiled brag):


Of course, it does mean that I end up with a few more poker sites each week, so keeping track of passwords and bankroll ends up being quite a significant chore.

But hey, free money, can’t sniff at that!

Also, next year I’m going to be the first person ever to win a WSOP champions bracelet on a freeroll. It was going to be this year, but I guess my game still needs a little more work.

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