June 19, 2008
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I was talking about beating micro 6-max by playing fewer hands and keeping the bet sizes up.

Sometimes the opposition makes it extra easy to do this…

Game # 839023556 – Texas Hold’em No Limit EUR 0.05/0.10 – Table “Boxtel”

Players(max 6):
docP82 (EUR 7.57 in seat 1)
Mohiss (EUR 14.61 in seat 2)
Hece (EUR 9.60 in seat 3)
Karata1983 (EUR 10.19 in seat 4)
riverfish2 (EUR 14.27 in seat 5)
EMScrumble (EUR 10.61 in seat 6)

Dealer: Hece
Small Blind: Karata1983 (0.05)
Big Blind: EMScrumble (0.10)

EMScrumble was dealt: J♣J♠

docP82 Call (0.10)
Mohiss Fold
Hece Call (0.10)
Karata1983 Fold
EMScrumble Raise (0.50)
docP82 Call (0.50)
Hece Fold

Flop 6♣3♣9♠

EMScrumble Bet (1.00)
docP82 All-In (6.97)

So, what’s the doc up to?

It helps that we’ve been here for half an hour, I’ve seen this guy play 75% of hands and what he really loves to do is call with position. He’s floated me a couple of times before and taken it away on turn or river. It also helps that he’s seen me put down several hands to re-raises in the last few minutes. He could have any two cards here, but if he’s hit big or missed completely he’s going to float me. No way is he ahead!

EMScrumble Call (5.97)

Turn K♣
River 6♠

EMScrumble shows: J♣J♠ (two pairs, jacks and sixes)
docP82 shows: 3♦A♥ (two pairs, sixes and threes)

EMScrumble wins: EUR 14.54 (with two pairs, jacks and sixes)
Rake: EUR 0.75

I like these tables.

Careybear on June 24th, 2008 at 5:21 pm #

Awesome hand Martin…can’t believe he went all in with a3 off….omg what a dork!!!